Are you a Polluter or Purifier?

Virtual group life coaching
Author: Vinnie Borrelli Published On: 2020-11-19

Polluter or purifier of attitudes is something I would like to talk about as we tend to adopt the attitude of the people we surround ourselves with. However, if you believe in yourself you increase your chances of success and not participating in the pollution of negativity. Be a purifier and find the beauty in life and all that it has to offer. Often both Pessimists and Optimists get what they want as it becomes their focus and hence becomes their reality. The pain that accompanies the polluter of your attitude should allow you to see through what that leads to. I find that the Pain you go through should lead you to Passion to change and do what you want not allowing others to influence what is needed to obtain your dreams and prosperity. Not everyone you are surrounded with will understand your desire to succeed nor will they realize your dreams. Your dreams are yours to pursue and although they are not recognized or validated by anyone else, they are still yours to pursue. Keep your eyesight and mindsight on that you which to pursue.