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My book “Personal Prosperity Blueprint: A Journey from Pain to Passion into Prosperity,” was written to help people identify and solidify who they are, what they are, and where they should be. In this book, you learn more about my journey through an interesting childhood, the impact of the loss of my sister, the sacrifices my parents made, the people who opened my eyes to different views on life, and so much more that helped shaped my journey to finding my true purpose. The pain that I experienced throughout my life, while it led me to bad places, it also led me to the passion that I have in my life.

This book serves to make students, faculty, and parents aware of the true meaning and purpose in their lives and to find what truly fulfills your soul. I want to help you see beyond the traditional academic path and learn how to channel your struggles and pain into the passion you need to achieve your goals. I will help you start on the Blueprints for your life that contain your dreams and desires to support your future and help awaken a burning passion for pursuing your true meaning and purpose in life. This book is for those who are ready to take those dreams and make them a reality by devoting their life to their goals.

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