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Vinnie Borelli is dedicated to helping people find their passion and teaching them how to use that passion to light up their life. There are a variety of ways you can learn from Vinnie and his experiences that have shaped him into the coach, speaker, and author that he is today.

Whether you purchase a copy of Vinnie’s book, attend one of his speaking engagements, or hire him as your coach, there are many ways to get started on your journey to success with Vinnie. You can also visit the Boom Boom Room where Vinnie shares his personal suggestions and disciplines for making your dreams a reality.

Why Vinnie?

  • Vinnie is a man of many talents, including a motivational coach, speaker, author, and a good person who followed his dream.
  • Vinnie uses his passion to help other find and live their true purpose, while helping them break the cycle of the traditional path they may have been put through the influence of others.
  • Through his childhood experiences as the child of Italian immigrants and his experiences with his sister Gina who was born with congenital heart disease, Vinnie has a strong insight into facing adversity and pushing through the pain life can bring to help others transform their struggles into passion.
  • Vinnie’s experience as an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist/Full Contact Kickboxer demonstrates his discipline and dedication to success that he brings to all aspects of his life.
  • With over 16 years of industry experience, Vinnie has an extensive background as a medical device sales specialist and has received numerous awards as an Orthopedic Sales Specialist/District Sales Manager.
  • Dedicated to helping others find their passion, Vinnie provides people with a relatable, inspirational, and passionate coaching to help them access their drive and achieve their true life’s purpose.

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