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I’ve taken a journey that has turned me into the passionate, relatable, inspirational, and intensely focused person that I am today. I want to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them find their passion and drive to achieve their real life’s purpose. I want to share my message with others that stems from personal pain, fiery passion, and devotion to achieving my life’s goals. I have years of experience from helping troubled and substance abusers at a renewal center in downtown Pittsburgh to working with leaders in the professional world.

My dream is to use all the energy and passion I have to empower others though to see what their true potentials are if they truly desire to be better, make others better, and not only be successful but significant in doing so.I have always wanted better coming from very little as a child. I feel I was always designing my own life to the true desire that I was after. While others were golfing or doing some fantasy football draft or some other time-consuming activity, I would always look to something more to make my life better and more invigorating.

At your speaking engagement, I can present my strategies for personal development, achieving goals, and finding your true purpose in life. I make the complicated process of laying the foundation for your life and other issues fun and present them in a way that will inspire.

My mission is bigger than only teaching people how to achieve their goals; it’s also about connecting with people, empowering them, and making a true difference in their lives. I am available for:

  • Conventions
  • Special Events
  • Corporate and leadership retreats
  • Host or EmCee
  • Workshops, Training, Conferences, and Seminars

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Whether you need a speaker to host next your event, empower and motivate the crowd, or engage with a small group of leaders, educators, or decision-makers at your organization, Vinnie is excited to talk to you about how he can contribute to making your event successful.

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