Dreams Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Author: Vinnie Borrelli Published On: 2020-12-09

My desire is to inspire others to see that losing someone close to you, whether it is a brother, sister, mother, father, or a significant other, life is too precious to take them for granted. We are not promised tomorrow and yet so many of us worry about what may never happen. I look forward to putting some dreams and goals down with you and mapping out a way to make all of them a reality. You see, dreams without goals are just dreams. So what truly ignites you at the start of your day? I have found that by starting the day with Gratitude and Positivity, my day went much better than when I started it with Negativity and the Background noise that is out there. I want you to set the tempo of your day the way you want it to go, not sit back and watch it happen. Things will come at you each day and it is how you handle them that will determine your happiness and success. You cannot have a fear that you may fail as if you do it is part of the process. Fear has never prevented death but it does prevent the full enjoyment of your life.